Napoleon Iii Head

50 Francs Napoleon III Nude Head 1856 Au58

50 Francs Napoleon III Nude Head 1856 Au58

50 Francs Napoleon III Nude Head 1856 Au58   50 Francs Napoleon III Nude Head 1856 Au58

50 francs napoleon iii bare head 1856 to 58. More affordable and easily more saleable than 100 francs, the 50 francs napoleon iii bare head 1856 to 58 is an excellent investment. Therefore, they are highly sought after in good quality.

Historically, this play is a witness to Napoleonic imperialism. For all these reasons it is a reliable investment. The 50 francs or napoleon iii barehead is the first 50 francs currency in French monetary history.

The 50 francs napoleon iii bare head was struck in betting and strasbourg. One can read on the slice "God protects the france".

Placed over a short period, from 1855 to 1859. It marks the accepted and claimed status of emperor. The words "republique française" were replaced by the words "empire français".

On the obverse of the room, there is the naked head of napoleon iii and the name of the engraver, desired-albert bar. On the reverse, we see an eagle with spread wings hanging on a lightning. The latter are framed by the necklace of the legion of honor broaching on two scepters. These scepters are the hand of justice and the scepter of charlemagne laid in a jumper.

They both rest on a hanging adorned with hermine speckled inside and bees outside. The whole is surmounted by an imperial crown from which two ribbons leave.

50 francs napoleon iii bare head: signed jacques-jean bar. Jacques-jean barre is a French artist. To bet where he died on. General gravity of the betting coins from 1843 to 1855, it was the origin of the great seal of france and the first two sets of stamps of the country. Bar enters as a worker engraver around 1810 to the betting currency.

After the death in 1842 of nicolas-pierre tiolier, he succeeded him as general engraver of currencies. In particular, he ordered large portraits in plaster medallion of the many members of the royal family. Under the second republic, he was responsible for drawing and supervising the engraving of the notes of 500 and 1000 francs of type 1842. In 1848 he created the matrix for the new great seal of the republic and that of the national assembly.

He is also the draftsman and engraver of the first postage stamps of france, with the effigy of ceres and napoleon iii (presidency and empire), which are printed in the hotel of the currency by anatole holot until 1876. Since the second republic had little currency, except for the five-franc coin taken from the dupre type, he had to wait until the election in December 1848 as president of the Republic of Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, future napoléon iii, to have corners to engrave. He realized, for the short republican period before the coup d'état of the. The engraving of the pieces of 5 francs and 1 franc with the effigy of naked-headed louis-napoleon including in the legend the mention "President of the Republic". Then, the empire proclaimed in 1852, it graves the same pieces but this time with the legend "French empire" and "Napoleon iii emperor".

He also grated the pieces of 1 and 2 cents for the Swiss which were struck from 1850 to 1946. He was ill and resigned from office in 1855.

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50 Francs Napoleon III Nude Head 1856 Au58   50 Francs Napoleon III Nude Head 1856 Au58