Napoleon Iii Head

Tete (1/2)

  • Napoleon Iii Head Laury 5 Francs Or /gold 1863 A Bee
  • Napoleon Iii Chiseled 18-karat Yellow Pearl-gold Decorations, Eagle Head
  • 20 Francs Or Napoleon Iii Emperor Tete Nue 1855 D Variety Grand Lion
  • Pair Of Sleeping Earrings Or Massive Eagle Tete 18k - Jais
  • Gold Pendant Xix Eme Hair Work Napoleon Iii Poincon Tete D Eagle F72
  • France 50 Francs Gold 1855 A Napoleon Iii Tete Nue Sup
  • 10 Francs Or/gold Type Napoleon Iii Tete Lauree 1865 Bb (small10)rare Rare
  • Piece 50fr Or Napoleon3 Naked Head 1857
  • 10 Francs Or Type Napoleon Iii Tete Nnue 1858 At A Low Price
  • 10 Francs Or Type Napoleon Iii Tete Lauree 1866 Bb Low Price
  • Bougeoir Lampe A Portieux Oil To Tete Lamp Dentellière
  • Superbe Necessaire A Couture Or Tete D'aigle 19th Napoleon Iii
  • Napoleon Iii 1862 No.t24a 80c Pale Pink, Tete Spade Obl Of Gc 2145 Lyon
  • Superb Thermometre Of The 19th Century A Decor De Tete Of Child And Seaside
  • Superb Coin 20 Francs Gold Napoleon Iii 1859 A Tete Nue
  • Superb Timbale St Napoleon Iii Decor Griffons - Lion Tete Silver Massif 1895