Napoleon Iii Head

Old (1/3)

  • Beautiful Old Pyrogen Matchbox Solid Silver Controlled Boar Head
  • Ink Bronze Ajouré Xixo Barbedienne Head Minerve Ancient Fonte
  • 7 Ancient Buttons In Gold Massive 18 Carats Eagle Head Napoleon Iii Era
  • Busts Pair In Bois Massif Beethoven And Chopin Musiciens
  • Double Ink Bronze Xix Barbedienne Beliers Heads Louis Xvi Old Fonte
  • Inkwell Bronze Openwork Xix Barbedienne Head Minerva Cast Converted
  • Old Small Cut Decor Warwick Mascarons Bronze Heads Of Men Xix
  • Old Antiquitée Salt And Pepper Sterling Silver Head Minerva 19th
  • Old Lamp At Petrol Xixth Porcelain Brass Style Napoleon Iii Head Belier
  • Old Crucifix Pediment Heads Of Angels, Gilded Wood Napoleon Iii
  • Old Clock On Napol Iii Second Empire Paris Pendulum Movement D Origin
  • Luster Former Napoleon Iii Marble White Dome And Goat Heads In Bronze
  • Encrier Former Nineteenth Bronze With Handles A Decor Lion Heads
  • Old Clock Movement Paris Brocot Cartel Is Napol Iii Black Marble Nineteenth
  • Old Double Door Photo Pendant 18k Gold Eagle Head Punch
  • Old Pretty Canne A Head Of Dog Nuts From Coroso Eyes Glass Epoque 1900