Napoleon Iii Head

Nineteenth (1/2)

  • Old Lamp At Petrol Xixth Porcelain Brass Style Napoleon Iii Head Belier
  • Belle Lamp Oil Nineteenth Napoleon Iii Crystal Bowl Beautiful Head No. 2 Hinks & Son
  • Large Knocker Bronze Door, Lion Head, Door Knocker, Xix, 20cm, 1,17kg
  • Marble Plate Xix / Bronze Feet Head Devil & Paws Lion Handles Heads Women
  • Encrier Former Nineteenth Bronze With Handles A Decor Lion Heads
  • Old Clock Movement Paris Brocot Cartel Is Napol Iii Black Marble Nineteenth
  • Cane Dog's Head Pommel Collection Nineteenth L. 88cm
  • Pair Of Bronze Candlesticks Napoleon 3 Header Lion Xix Candlestick
  • Superb Brooch 18k Gold & Ruby. Head Lion. Nineteenth Century. Punch Horse
  • Thimble Solid Gold Vintage Nineteenth, 18k Head Eagle, 3,57gr
  • Pair Of Gilded Bronze Censers And Marble Napoleon Iii Nineteenth Heads Rams
  • Bronze Cartel Clock D Cor T Your Lions Movement Paris Iii Is Napol Nineteenth Sonne Minuit
  • Door Coat / Hat Black Forest Head Ibex Eyes Sulfur Nineteenth Geneva
  • Pair Of Silvered Bronze Nineteenth Representing The Heads Of Lions
  • Pair Of Vases Covered In Bronze And Marble, Aries Heads Nineteenth
  • Nice Double Wall Bronze Napoleon Iii Nineteenth Deco Lion Head To Electrify