Napoleon Iii Head


  • Exhibit 2 Francs Argent 1866 France Empire Napoleon Iii Head Laurée Bar K N4051
  • 2 Parts Of 20 Cent Silver Napoleon Head Nuc 1854a / 1858a Ttb
  • Napoleon Iii, 1 Franc Silver Naked Tete, 1858 In Paris
  • 1 Franc Silver Napoleon Iii Head Naked 1858 A Pcgs Ms 65 Fdc
  • Released D 11 L Tection Silver From The Emperor
  • Rare Coin Of 1f Napoleon Iii Head Naked In Silver 1859 In Sup
  • 20 Francs Napol On Gold T Te No Laur E Purchase Or Sale Of Pi These Gold On Purchase Gold And Silver En
  • 5 Francs 1852 Bb (strasbourg). Louis Napoleon, Bareheaded. Money. Rating Ttb1600
  • 5 Francs Silver Napoleon Iii Naked Head 1856 A Pcgs Unc Detail Cleaned